Supporting Wakulla Springs Protection

You Can Be a Voice For Our Springs.

Your contributions support the protection efforts of Wakulla Springs.

Even your moral Support is appreciated!  Please complete the Supporter Registry Form below.

Suggested Contribution Amounts

$1000 Clyde Butcher Wakulla Springs Framed Photo plus Two Tickets to the “Saving Wakulla Springs” Overland Tour

$100 Clyde Butcher Wakulla Springs Limited Edition Print plus One Ticket to the “Saving Wakulla Springs” Overland Tour ($18 will go to Palmetto Expeditions)

$50 One Ticket to the “Saving Wakulla Springs” Overland Tour w/ Jim Stevenson ($18 will go to Palmetto Expeditions)

$35, $25, $10, $5, $1. Any donation amount is appreciated!   Any help is appreciated!

All fields in this Supporter Registry Form are optional.  Show Your Love as a Supporter, displaying only the info that you choose – name, address, phone, email, FaceBook Page, website, or you can remain Anonymous.  You can indicate your interest in helping to organize the Community Support Day events, hold your own events, contribute to the auctions, promote the event, spread the word, pledge your donation to advocates, etc. is a for-profit business. The amount you choose to Give (or Donate) to Support our Wakulla Springs Protection services is at your discretion. and Bart Bibler (Founder) are not under contract, being paid, nor been asked to encourage people to give to any non-profit advocacy organization, nor represent them regarding any policy position.