Community Involvement

Wakulla Springs Protection Advocates

Where are you in the Wakulla Springs Watershed?

Wakulla Springs Alliance Comments to FDEP on the Draft BMAP

Draft Wakulla Springs BMAP

Wakulla Springs BMAP Adoption Timeline

Wakulla Springs Alliance Comments to FDEP Establishing the OSTDS Advisory Committee

Wakulla Springs Alliance Prepares for Possible Legal Challenge

Three Approved Motions by the Wakulla Springs Alliance

Wakulla Springs Alliance Meeting Minutes May 25, 2018

Wakulla Springs Alliance Comments to FDEP on Proposed Springs Projects

Wakulla Springs Alliance Is Not in Support of Three of FDEP’s Proposed Springs Restoration Projects in Wakulla County within Priority Focus Area 2

Doug Barr’s Paper on the three Proposed Projects in Wakulla Springs PFA 2

Florida Springs Council’s Letter to FDEP Secretary Noah Valenstein with Concerns Over Several Outstanding Florida Springs BMAPs

Florida Springs Council’s Summary of Outstanding Florida Springs BMAPs

Florida Springs Council’s Burma Shave Sign Campaign

Public Agency Efforts

FDEP’s Wakulla BMAP Meeting 03-06-18

FDEP Basin Management Action Plans [BMAP]

Revised Nitrogen Source Inventory and Loading Estimates (NSILT) for the Wakulla Springs BMAP

Florida Springs Protection Act of 2016 in Florida Statutes

St. Marks-Apalachee SWIM Plan NWFWMD

Leon County Comprehensive Wastewater Treatment Facilities Plan

Leon County Onsite Sewage Management – Lombardo Report (2011)

Woodside Heights – DEP Grant to Leon Co. – Includes Leon County’s Wakulla Springs Infrastructure Plan

City of Tallahassee’s  2035 Master Sewer Plan Update

City of Tallahassee Septic Tank to Sewer Grants
Agenda Item, Flyer, Eligible Septic Tank Map

Wakulla County Approved Infrastructure Plan

Wakulla County Commission BMAP Agenda Item

Florida Department of Health Nitrogen Reducing Onsite Sewage Systems

FL Dept. of Health’s Presentation on Septic Tank Remediation Plans

FL Dept. of Health’s Implementation Letter to the FL Home Builders

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Best Management Practices for Nutrients

US Environmental Protection Agency Small Flows Clearinghouse

Non Profit Organization Efforts

Restoring Wakulla Springs – Essential Next Steps

Florida Springs Institute – Wakulla Springs Restoration Plan 2014

Florida Onsite Wastewater Association

VIDEO – Following the Water to Wakulla Springs

Saving Florida’s Springs – The Global Connection

Clear Water, Clean Water? Exploring the Floridan Aquifer – Schoolyard Films

Other Efforts

Where Does the Water Come From

Septic Tank Conversion Prioritization by GIS – Jamie Hughes

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