We Love Wakulla Springs.
We Need Your Help to Protect Her.
Please Show Your Love.
Please Share the Love.

Photos courtesy of John Moran

Community Support Day for Wakulla Springs – Date/Locations To Be Determined


Too much nitrate pollution is getting into Wakulla Springs and we especially need to clean up septic tanks in both Leon and Wakulla County. More funding is needed for Wakulla Springs State Park upkeep, staffing and volunteer support.

Purposes of the Wakulla Springs Protection Project

  • We want to enable the community to know what’s going on, to engage and to tap into resources.
  • We want to organize and host a Wakulla Springs Community Support Day in Tallahassee/Leon County/Wakulla County.
  • We want to ensure that the lead advocacy non-profit organizations have the Community Support to protect Wakulla Springs.

Clyde Butcher Nature Photography

Limited Edition, Numbered Prints for Supporters that give $100
[Printed by Gandy Printers, designed by Gelhardt Graphics]

Clyde Butcher has offered to be a first Supporter, and provide his photography (including a photo taken at Wakulla Springs of alligators on fallen trees) for the website, silent auctions/live auctions and other efforts to encourage Community Support.